#2021bringiton – staying motivated

We all like rewards, right? That’s why we have loyalty cards and we like winning things.

So, do you reward yourself?


It’s science!

Just the satisfaction of ticking something off your to-do list is enough to make your brain share a bit of serotonin and give you a little ‘thumbs up’ feel-good buzz.

We like that feeling, and we want more.

So let’s plan in some rewards and get your brain to hand out more of that lovely serotonin stuff.


I told you this was the fun bit!

Assign yourself 3 lovely rewards each month please – one for each of the Small Rocks completed.

Mine will be breakfast or lunch at my favourite cafe bar.


It’s doubly-helpful

Because you get a reward when you complete your Small Rocks, you need to be able to say ‘I have completed this’ for each one.

This makes you think more carefully about what those Small Rocks will be. As well as aligning with your Big Rock for the month, and being things that will genuinely move your business forward, your Small Rocks are things that can be ticked off the list, things that have a completion point.

Remember, ticking things off the list gives you a blast of lovely feel-good serotonin. And then you get your chosen reward too!



OK, that’s all 4 parts for your #2021bringiton plan:

1) Review the past year and answer those four questions;
2) Cast a vision of what success looks like;
3) Set out your steps to success as Big Rocks, Small Rocks and Sand;
4) Plan in some rewards for yourself.

I’d love to hear about the plans you’re making. Come over to the Small Business Support group and let us know!

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