#2021bringiton – where do you want to get to?

Last week we looked back at the past year, today we’re looking forward to the ‘ultimate goal’ and thinking about what success will look like.

So, what will success look like, for you?

Here’s a question: you’re running your business for a reason, right?

Money, flexibility, lifestyle, recognition, to satisfy a desire, to prove something to someone…

Whatever it is, identify it and form a picture in your mind of what things look like when you succeed with that.


This is not ‘where do you want to be in 5 years time?’

There’s no timescale to this, just whatever ‘success’ looks like to you. You might think it’s achievable in three years, five, or ten, but that really doesn’t matter. The timescale isn’t important, it’s about identifying what success looks like (to you, and you only) so you’ll know when you get there.

I find that if you put a timescale on when you’ll achieve something, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you don’t reach that. And the pressure to perform, especially as that date in the calendar gets closer and you’re far away from it, can be paralysing.

Yes, even with targets you’ve made up for yourself, that no-one else is relying on! Our brains are quite strange at times…

The idea here is to create a really strong, compelling, exciting, inspiring vision – so you WANT to get on with working towards it and you find it energising rather than overwhelming.

So, identify the reason(s) why you’re running your business and think about what success looks like in terms of that.


Let’s get creative!

Now we’re going to put that vision down on paper, or in a digital format.

You might choose to use images and create a vision board, or you might prefer to write a piece about The Awesome Life Of Your Future Self.

Dream big, make it exciting – but not completely unreachable. This is a vision, not a fantasy.

It doesn’t have to include superyachts and magnums of champagne. Unless that’s your personal, genuine measure of success, of course!

You might already have a life that you’re very happy with, and success means maintaining that. Great!

Your vision board will include things that represent what success looks like to you, or what your life looks like and feels like when you reach that chosen measure of success.

Choose images you find inspiring and aspirational – places you want to visit, happy families having a picnic, your dream house, your favourite coffee cup, a backyard full of chickens, a cosy reading corner, your favourite musician playing a festival, a Tag Heuer watch… things that represent The Awesome Life Of Your Future Self.

I do recommend creating a vision board over doing a written piece, as we respond more strongly to images than words. But if you’re not a visual person then by all means write it out – go with what works best for you.

For the vision board, you can create it digitally (I made mine in Canva, which is a fab free online graphic design tool) or by cutting out pictures from magazines and sticking them to a big piece of card.

How you do it and what’s on it is totally up to you – there’s no right/wrong way to do this. The only ‘correct’ thing is to make sure you end up with something that gives a really clear impression of the vision you’re creating, that makes you smile and be excited when you look at it (or read it).

My vision board is like a (slightly!) more grown-up version of my ‘Dream Christmas List’ trip through the Argos catalogue when I was about 13… and it may well include about 5 of the things I mentioned above – can you guess which ones?!


Have you started this yet? We’re halfway through!

So, that’s 2 of the 4 steps for #2021bringiton – review the past year and ask yourself those 4 questions I talked about last week, and now think about what success looks like and create your vision for that.

There’s 2 more steps over the next 2 weeks, so you have the whole of December to create your plan for 2021.

Bring it on!

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