A team to trust

I’ve recently realised how having ‘A Team To Trust’ is absolutely vital to the success of my business.

So I thought I’d share some thoughts on why they’re so important, and how you could create yours.

Any of this sound familiar?

Say you decide you’re going to do what everyone’s been suggesting for ages, and set up an email marketing system (I know, don’t roll your eyes!). So you go on Google to search for what program you should use…

And there’s flipping loads of them, and tons of adverts, and you’re not sure which features you need and what price is good and aarrgghh!! And it all gets overwhelming so you go off for a cuppa and leave it til another day – which probably never comes…

Here’s another situation you might recognise.

“Hey Mom, see my new business cards! Cool, eh?!”

“Oh, you went with that logo did you? Well, if you like it. Don’t think I’d have chosen that colour either, but I guess you know best. What does your job title mean again, darling? I’ve never really understood what it is you do…”

“Oh God, have I completely chosen the wrong logo and colours, does no-one understand what I do? Is this business idea really right after all?!”

Here’s the thing…

Researching things and finding the info you need is absolutely vital. To be honest, as is running your ideas past someone else for a sense check.

But if you’re coming from a starting point of ‘I know nothing and I’m a little scared’, being presented with a sea of words on Google really isn’t that helpful.

And if your mom isn’t the target audience for your ideas, she’s not really in a position to give valuable insight. But we all want to please our moms (right?!), so we’ll likely question our own decisions and maybe even change things to what she says. And that’s not helpful.

So, what to do instead?

Here’s what to do. You find yourself a team of people you can trust, to turn to in these situations.

Sounds simple, right?! To be honest, it kind of is. Well, the idea’s pretty simple. Actually finding the right people can be tricky.

Here’s how I did it.

I have 3 teams I turn to, for different needs. Sometimes what I ask of those teams crosses over, sometimes the people cross over into more than one team.

One day, in early 2018, I saw a Facebook ad for a free webinar that sounded really interesting. I did it, and it was really interesting, it was just what I needed.

And I loved the guy who presented it, the way he explained things.

So I followed his stuff and signed up for his emails. And one day one of his emails mentioned something that another guy was doing, and I thought ‘if this guy rates him he must be good, so I’ll check that out’. And he was really good! So I followed him as well.

Then another of the first guy’s emails mentioned a woman doing a webinar that sounded good, and I figured that would be worth checking out too – and it was!

And basically now, if any of these 3 folks recommend someone I’ll check them out, and I don’t follow any other business superstars and the like.

They’re my team to trust – Stu McLaren, James Wedmore, Amy Porterfield, and everyone else they’ve put in front of me – Jeff Walker, Pedro Adao, Don Miller… It’s a fairly big team now, but I know that with all these folks in my back pocket, all the specialities are covered.

This is my catch-all term for the people who also run their own businesses, so they understand what I’m going through.

I’ve met most of them through business networking groups – shout out to the Totally Awesome Women’s Network! – and some events I’ve run, plus a few personal friends.

So they come from all sorts of places (no central figure or starting point, like with the experts) but they have a few things in common. They understand what I’m going through, they’re in a similar position to me, they can look at things objectively, they’re happy to help.

So that’s a group of people I can reach out to as a whole – like the TAWN group, which is on Facebook – or individually (Caroline is basically my business bestie). They’re hugely helpful in a multitude of situations, from discussing business development ideas to sympathising about things I’m struggling with, to – you guessed it! – suggesting what email marketing system to use!

This is my newest and smallest team. It’s made up of about 8 people who responded to my email asking for help. As they’re in my email list, they’re either clients or potential clients.

That means when I ask them ‘I’m thinking about offering this, what do you think?” they’re exactly the right people to respond – because they might actually buy it!

There’s a bit of cross over with the colleagues group, which is cool. Those people will probably have seen the background work first, so they know where the idea originally came from – which means they can say if it reflects what I actually intended to do!

Told you it was simple!

There’s no formal ‘organising people into teams’. They all just live in my head as teams of people I turn to in certain situations. Even the focus group is just a segment of my email list – really simple, I promise!

So, the lesson here is simply to find the right people to help you with the right things.
And I’m afraid it’s highly likely that your mom doesn’t make the list for this one.

Sorry Mom!

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