How to adapt your business to survive Coronavirus Covid-19

Covid-19 eh? What an arse.

But we’re stuck with it for the foreseeable, so how do we self-employed bods deal with it?

People running small businesses will likely fall into one of two categories:

– I work remotely, so my day-to-day activities won’t change
– I work face-to-face with customers, so WTF do I do?

If you’re in the first group, cool. Just remember that not everyone else is, so be sympathetic to their situation and be prepared to make adjustments to suit them.

If you’re in the second group, you’re going to have to make some adjustments (unless you have a room full of gold like Scrooge McDuck). So, what can you do?

Hanne from Thrive Themes wrote a great post full of ideas and examples earlier today, things like:
– Hold meetings online
– Offer services online
– Sell your skills
– Sell your knowledge

This might be an opportunity for you to do all that upskilling and development you’ve been meaning to get around to. Have you been thinking about adding an online offer? Have you been wanting to learn an advanced level, to offer clients more services? What new thing would have the greatest positive impact on your business?

Note: Whichever group you’re in, please remember that human contact and fresh air are vital for our mental wellbeing. All those Facebook groups you joined and never posted in? Now’s the time! Reach out to people, ask how they’re doing, share how you’re doing.

I’m lucky enough to be in the first group. And you all know I’m here to help. So give me a shout, whether you need to talk through options for creating an online offer, to work out how to put your online offer actually online, or just to talk to a sympathetic human.

We’re all human. We’re all in this together. Well, apart from the Scrooge McDucks. So let’s reach out and get through this together.