The BEST tool for Gmail

Sometimes the smallest, simplest things can make a massive difference. One of my favourite ‘OMG that’s genius’ ones is Boomerang, an extension for Gmail.

You can:

– Schedule emails to send later (so you don’t look like you were desperately waiting to hear from someone when you reply in 45 seconds)

– Get reminders to follow-up if you don’t hear back from someone

– Remove an email from your inbox and have it return at a more convenient time (perfect if you really need to deal with that, but not right now!)

– Pause your inbox for an hour, so you don’t get distracted with new emails coming in

Amazing, huh?

Scheduling sending emails is my favourite thing. Now no-one needs to know that I do actually respond to messages at midnight…

Go get it!

There’s an Android version, and they also do products for iOS, if you’re one of those Apple people, or for Outlook, if you’re from 2005.