Tripping over your typing? Talk!

I love writing, but sometimes I get caught up in finding the right words (and the right keys!), and I lose my train of thought. I know what I want to say, but the words get stuck in my fingertips and don’t make it as far as the keyboard. Usually because I’m thinking faster than […]

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How to adapt your business to survive Covid-19

Covid-19 eh? What an arse. But we’re stuck with it for the foreseeable, so how do we self-employed bods deal with it? People running small businesses will likely fall into one of two categories: – I work remotely, so my day-to-day activities won’t change – I work face-to-face with customers, so WTF do I do? […]

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New Year, new thinking

So, it’s a new year. Hurrah. New you, new start, big plans, you-can-do-it and all the rest of that social media positivity and posturing. *sigh* Really? Are we STILL doing this? Harrumph #1 New Year! Our planet’s trip around the sun has mad a full circuit and reached whatever arbitrary start/finish line was decided thousands […]

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Networking

A new year brings business owners renewed determination to succeed and exciting plans for goals and growth. A big part of growing your business is the people who know what you do and can recommend you to others. How do you find those people? Networking! There’s events across the region every week, from dedicated networking […]

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How is an Ideal Client Profile different from a Target Audience?

Do you have an Ideal Client Profile? You should. It really helps.   This is more than a Target Audience You already have a target audience, yes? Like 20-50, female, interested in beauty… But honestly, how helpful is that? That could include a mother who wants botox and her daughter who only uses homemade facemasks (or the […]

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What is a Power Hour

What is a Power Hour and how will it change your life?

I’d like to introduce you to a simple concept with a big impact. When I first read about it I had a total lightbulb moment – ohh! I discovered the Power Hour through Gretchen Rubin, whose books The Four Tendencies and Better Than Before have given me understanding into why I do (and don’t) do […]

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nervous of networking

How to totally rock a networking event

Big business events can be daunting – it looks like everyone knows each other and they’re all super-confident. Nope. Some will be confident, and some will know other attendees. But everyone was the new kid once, and if you don’t jump in you’ll never know how far you can go. Here’s my top tips for […]

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The BEST tool for Gmail

Sometimes the smallest, simplest things can make a massive difference. One of my favourite ‘OMG that’s genius’ ones is Boomerang, an extension for Gmail. You can: – Schedule emails to send later (so you don’t look like you were desperately waiting to hear from someone when you reply in 45 seconds) – Get reminders to […]

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Does digital marketing really matter?

Digital marketing – social media, websites, blogs, email newsletters… who has time for this stuff, and does it really matter anyway?! Er, yes. It really does matter. 80% of adults in Great Britain use the internet daily or almost daily 77% of adults buy goods or services online 76% of adults use the internet for […]

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Facebook changes – what do I do?!

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent statement about a change in Facebook’s focus (right), which means a change to how they work with Pages, has got people in quite a flap. But this isn’t really a change of direction for the platform, and it doesn’t mean a huge change in approach for page owners – at least it […]

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How do I know what social media platforms to use?

There’s so many social media platforms, I’ll never have time to post on them all! DON’T. The Golden Rule of Marketing, whether digital or otherwise, is: The Right Message In Front Of The Right Audience At The Right Time Not all social media platforms will have the right audience for your business. Don’t just use […]

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I already have Facebook, do I need Twitter as well?

Unless you have a really specific audience, you’ll probably need to use a few different platforms to get your messages in front of them. Use the right tool for the right audience, not just what’s convenient because you already know it. You’ll have to learn a lot of things running your own business – digital […]

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