Can’t I just use my normal Facebook for my business?


Facebook don’t like that. They’ll probably send you to Facebook jail.

Seriously, you need to keep your personal and business social media separate.
1) It reduces the likelihood of you posting something unfortunate to your business audience.
2) You get extra tools like analytics and adverts on a business page.
3) That’s how Facebook works, and they can delete your account if you’re using a personal profile for business.

Please, please, please don’t create a personal profile in the name of your business – you know, like (First Name) SweetScentsations (Last Name) FloristPlymouth.
1) Facebook can see what you’ve done, and will ask you to change it to a business page.
2) It REALLY doesn’t look professional.

But do use your personal profile to share your shiny new business page with your family and friends, and ask them to like it. They might not be your ideal target audience in the long term, but it’s a great way to start getting fans for your business page.

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