Create tools that work for you

I’m feeling very energised and uplifted at the moment – had a breakthrough moment with something I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks, and it feels AMAZING.

It’s absolutely brilliant to get clarity on something, to finally find the answer and have a definite way forward. That one moment led to another, and now loads of things have come together in a big lightbulb  – I’m so excited to keep making progress!

But I know that there won’t always be days of lightning bolt inspiration, rainbows and cheerleaders. So I need to find ways to keep myself on track, to remind myself how far I’ve come and where I’m heading.

I have set up 3 things to help with that.

1) A very limited weekly planner.
I’ve made space for 5 must-do things each week, and 5 want-to things. That’s all I can schedule (at least until all 5 are complete). Everything else is on my to-do list is noted on the right until I have time for it. I have a tendency to plan as if there’s 8 days in a week and I don’t need to eat, and then get frustrated that I don’t achieve everything I hoped to. This will keep my planning more realistic.

2) A social media progress chart.
To remind myself that all this work is worth it, I’m tracking the growth of my audience month-by-month. It’s great to look forwards and get excited about where you’re going, but some days you just need to look back and remind yourself how far you’ve come.

3) A vision board.
What am I putting in all this hard work FOR? My vision board shows me that. Everyone does these differently, and that’s fine. Mine is more like a shopping list of things I will have as my business becomes more successful. Others are more focused on the emotions and feelings you’re working towards. However you want to think of it, cast your vision and work towards it.

My big takeaway from all this is that you have to use the tools that work for you. Like a left-handed person trying to use right-handed scissors, you’re not going to get the best results if you don’t have the appropriate tools.

There’s loads of different planners and programs and plans and paths. Don’t feel you have to use a certain one because it’s popular or on special offer. Find what YOU need, and if it’s not out there, make it.

You might find that others would benefit from it and, hey presto!, you have an instant lead magnet!

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