Do you write a blog? I recommend it!

In the olden days, back when we could use meeting rooms, I used to present business development and marketing workshops.

One of my favourite topics was blogging, so I thought I'd recreate that presentation here for you.

I've set this out literally as my notes for giving the presentation. Bit of a different vibe this time. What do you think?

Google loves it
- Fresh content means Google bots revisit often
- Keeps you high up search results pages

It shows who you are
- Visitors get an idea of your approach/language/style
- Prove yourself before people invest
- Visitors think 'if this is what I get for free, imagine what I get when I pay?!'

Show your depth of knowledge
- Use categories to group related content within your field
- Show related articles at the bottom of the page
- Visitors can move between articles within the category to learn more

Breadth of knowledge
- Blogs are a great place to talk about things not 100% connected to your main field, as they're not splashed all over your home page and confusing visitors
- Make careful use of categories and tags to guide the visitor (talk to your web designer)

Share on social media
- You've always got something to post
- Can share articles more than once
- Drives visitors from your social media to your website

Link to/from each article
- Include links to other articles with supporting information to show your breadth of knowledge
- Encourage visitors to move on to the next article in a sequence
- If you have lots of info on a topic then split it into more than one article - they don't get overwhelmed, and you get more content to share

Visitors can take action immediately
- Include CTAs* in articles (but sparingly) so people can take action as soon as they’re inspired – make it easy because if they have to go hunting for ‘where to sign up’ they may just leave instead

You're not limited to just your own blog
- Approach people with a similar audience and ask if you can write a guest article for them - make sure it includes a link back to your website and you will get new visitors

- 600 words is a good amount
- Always include a featured image
- Write for your audience, not Google
- Write for a reason (‘coz I need to blog this week’ is not a reason!)
- Once a month minimum, weekly is ideal

* CTA = 'call to action'. Something you want people to do that takes them to the next step in interacting with you, like joining your mailing list or following you on social media.

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