Firm Foundations A-Little-Help x2

The Firm Foundations 3-part series helps you get the basis of your business clearly defined, ready for you to share it with the world!

The Workbooks
01: Your Ideal Client – the best client you’ll n-ever have!
02: Your Perfect Offer – what customers want (really, really want)
03: Your Brand Identity – the life-giving magic at the heart of your business
PLUS two 1-hour advice sessions

With this A-Little-Help option, you can download all three workbooks immediately and get straight to work on starting your new business or transforming your current one. Then you can talk through your questions with me and get the help you need in 2 separate one-hour online advice sessions.

How the sessions work
Your first advice session is to be booked at time of purchase, from a list of available timeslots. I’ll send you the booking link with your purchase receipt. The second advice session is booked at the end of the first one.

Advice sessions will take place via Zoom.

I recommend having one advice session after you’ve gone through the first two workbooks, and the second after you’ve done the third one. ‘Your Brand Identity’ usually generates the most questions, so splitting it like that gives us plenty of time to make sure everything’s covered. Allow yourself a full day to go through the workbook(s) before each session, and make notes of any questions as you go. Further advice sessions can be added later, if you wish.
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