Facebook Boosted Posts – are they worth it?

You know how FB always suggest you should boost posts that are doing well?

‘This post is performing better than 80% of posts on your page, boost it for £20’

Sounds reasonable, eh? And only £20!

If lots of people are seeing it then it must be a good post, so surely you want more people to see it?


Hang onto your bank card for a sec

The most important thing to know about Boosted Posts:

When you pay to boost a post, it gets shown to all of the people who are already following your page.

That’s it. Boosted Posts won’t be seen by any new people, they won’t get you a new audience.


But it’s only £20, can’t hurt to try…

OK – consider this:

1) If they’re already seeing it without you paying, it you don’t need to boost it!

Remember, when people react to your posts and and comment on them, that indicates to Facebook that those posts are valuable, so they get shown to more people each time there’s more interaction.

So to get your current followers to see your messages, post things that encourage interaction. And interact with them yourself – you wouldn’t start chatting to a bunch of people and then just walk away!

Posts like this mean that you get to have a conversation with your audience – they get to find out about you, and you find out more about them – and you can keep that £20 in your pocket!

If you can’t be bothered to post interesting, useful things for your audience, why should they be bothered with you? If you just want to post ‘this thing costs £15, buy it’, go on Facebook Marketplace.


2) What kind of post is it? What will you get in return for your £20? Is that worth it?

There’s lots of different types of posts you want to put on your Facebook page:
– tell people about you (that Know, Like, Trust thing I keep going on about)
– find out about your audience (eg, I asked ‘if I gave you £500 to spend on your business, what would you spend it on?)
– attract new followers (posts that get shared, eg ‘here’s an essential advice guide I’m giving away’)
– offer services/products (yes, you obviously need to do these sort of posts, but mix them in with non-selling stuff too)

There’s only 2 of those you want to pay for – attracting new followers (coz you can’t already talk to them on your page) and offering your services/products (coz you want that to be seen more widely than just your existing followers).

But you can’t use Boosted Posts to get the attention of people who don’t already know you. As I said above, Boosted Posts only go to your existing page followers.

For those new people, you need Facebook Ads.


Gasp! Scream! Stare straight down the camera like in a bad horror film!

OK, don’t worry. Facebook Ads are a whole ‘nother world – and we’re not getting into that today.

What I will say is – it’s not scary and doesn’t have to cost a fortune, BUT there’s so many options available that it can be complicated. So I suggest you get some help setting it up until you understand it.

Anyway… Getting back on topic, because FB Ads aren’t the thing today.


Today’s takeaways

What I want you to consider is:

1) Think about WHY you’re posting. Don’t just do the same kind of thing all the time, there’s different types of posts for different reasons (see above).

2) Think about who the audience is for those different types of posts, what is just for your existing followers and what do you want to be seen by a wider audience?

3) Think about how you get to that wider audience. Do you need to pay for that?

Think through those 3 stages – what is the message, who is it for, how do you get it in front of them?

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