Firm Foundations All-About-You

You want the tip-top, undivided attention, done-for-you, gold standard service?

You got it!

How It Works

We’ll book a two-day session, over Zoom or in person.

I’ll send you the workbooks to read through beforehand, so you’re prepared for the sessions.

I’ll also send you the link to the Authentic Happiness website (where I got such a revelation about what my business should be) and ask you to take a good look through that and make some notes on what really stands out for you. I highly recommend the VIA Character Strengths questionnaire.

Then, at our session, I’ll take you through all three workbooks – one-by-one, step-by-step.

But there’s a bit more to it than that..!

Day 1

After a general chat about you and your business, we’ll start with Your Ideal Client. I’ll make all the notes for you, and ask questions to really get to the heart of who is the absolutely ideal person for you to be working with.

After lunch we’ll move on to Your Perfect Offer, and again I’ll make all the notes and ask you a whole bunch of questions. We’ll refer to your discoveries from the Authentic Happiness website, and other ways we can uncover what works best for you (as well as for your audience).

Then you’ll go and have a cup of tea and a lie down (or a glass of wine, I’m not judging!) and I’ll start writing up all those notes.

Day 2

We’ll start with a review of Day 1, in case there have been any 4am flashes of inspiration to add to the notes (from you or me!). I’ll read through the written-up notes, and you can agree, change things, change your mind, whatever you need.

Then we’ll move on to Your Brand Identity. Same format – I’ll take you through all the steps in the workbook, make all the notes, and keep asking questions to get to the authentic WHY behind your business. We’ll narrow down all those notes, and then you get to relax while I start writing it all up.

After The Sessions

Within a week of those sessions, I’ll present you with your ‘My Business, My Brand’ book ready for comments/approval. This is the final write-up of everything we’ve discussed, edited down to a clear description of Your Ideal Client, Your Perfect Offer and Your Brand Identity.

Here’s an example ‘My Business, My Brand’ book. At this stage, yours will not yet include the logo, colour palette, typefaces, design elements and image inspiration.

Graphic Design

If you’ve purchased the service with graphic design included, I’ll use that write-up to brief a graphic designer. I know lots of great designers, all with different strengths and styles, so I’ll choose the most suitable one for your brand.

You’ll be presented with 3 options for logo, colour palette and typefaces, and we’ll revise them until you’re happy. Then all of that, plus design elements and image inspiration, will be added to the ‘My Business, My Brand’ book to complete it.

Didn’t go for that option? If you haven’t purchased the graphic design service, you’ll need to appoint your own graphic designer to create all of that for you. I’ll supply you with a briefing sheet to help. You can add the graphic design service at this point if you wish, just give me a shout.

Sounds good?

Want to book this in and get started building a brilliant brand for your business?

Give me a call to arrange suitable dates for your 2-day session – 07930 977002