You started your own business to do that thing you love, but you’ve also got to do the post office run, the accounts and the marketing.

And that’s totally not your thing, but you don’t have the budget to make it someone else’s thing – so what to do?

Give me a shout, and tell me what’s doing your head in.

My specialist areas are branding, marketing and websites. But I’ve also learned a lot setting up my own business, and I have a fantastic contact book of experts in all sorts of fields. So honestly, you can ask me about anything.

We could:

– discuss your marketing activity and create a plan for that

– analyse your website and make suggestions to improve it

– have a couple of hours Q&A session where we go through all the things you’re struggling with

…or anything else you need help with.

So get in touch. We’ll talk, no obligation, and go from there.