Firm Foundations is my signature 3-part programme that helps you discover and define the essential elements to form the bedrock of your business.
The 3 parts of the programme are:

1: The Ideal Client - the best client you'll n-ever have

2: Your Perfect Offer - what clients want (really, really want)

3: Brand Identity - the life-giving magic at the heart of your business
They all work together, in that order. Here's how:

1: The Ideal Client

You might be familiar with the traditional target audience, but this is somewhat different. We'll go through a step-by-step process to create a persona that represents your absolutely perfect, No 1 ideal client.

What for? When you come to consider any actions you have to take in your business - from offering new services to writing your marketing messages - you bring to mind your ideal client and (for example) write as if you were speaking directly to them. Basically, it just makes everything easier.

2: Your Perfect Offer

There's many ways you can provide your skills and services to clients, so this stage helps you uncover what clients really need and want from you and how best to present that. That's why we work out the ideal client first, so you can create services exactly for them! Plus: I'll tell you the difference between what clients NEED and WANT, and why it's important.

But that's not all! It's just as important that your offer is perfect for YOU. So we also consider your personal characteristics to ensure the way you're working makes you happy - as well as being profitable!

3: Brand Identity

Images, values, functions, USPs, personality. Brainstorming, reviewing, thesaurus, editing, changing your mind. Assigning ideas. Brief a graphic designer. Write your vision. Get a copywriter to help with your strapline.

Pick Your Perfect Plan

Firm Foundations is available in 3 different formats: do-it-yourself workbooks, done-with-you group sessions, and an all-about-you personal programme.
Choose the one that works best for you.


A 2-day in-person session with me, all to yourself.

Day 1: The Ideal Client and Your Perfect Offer.
Day 2: Brand Identity.

Lunch and refreshments included.



Join a group of 4, for 2 days in-person with me.

Day 1: The Ideal Client and Your Perfect Offer.
Day 2: Brand Identity.

Lunch and refreshments included.



A set of 3 step-by-step workbooks.

Download and print, or order a printed set by post.
Also available individually.

Get help from me by email or in our Facebook group.