How often should I post on Twitter?

There’s a loads of articles about how often to post on Twitter, but don’t just blindly follow the report with the prettiest chart – you need to put some common sense beside the stats, too.

Buffer, a social media blog, post on Twitter 14 times a day. But on their own Social Media Frequency Guide they cite a study by Social Bakers that shows optimum Twitter engagement (replies, retweets, favourites) at three tweets per day, and Track Social research that found the response score (calculated by number of retweets) increases with the quantity of tweets.

The Track Social data is really interesting. Three tweets per day equates to a response score of over 1500, four to five gives a score of over 2500, then there’s a drop-off that doesn’t come back to a response score of over 2500 until you’re tweeting 11 to 15 times a day. There’s further peaks at 21 to 30 and over 51 tweets per day, rising to almost 3500 at the highest point.

how often should i post on Twitter?

This is where the common sense kicks in. You can get big rewards for big workloads – at 21 to 30 tweets per day you should be getting a lot of retweet activity. But do you really have time to write 20+ tweets a day? And do you have enough to say? Will all those tweets be quality content that really engages with your followers?

So in answer to ‘how often should I post on Twitter?’, I recommend¬†between three and five tweets per day. But please make sure what you say is interesting, amusing, thought-provoking, informative – quality is of a much greater benefit than quantity.