Lessons learned from launching

Last week I launched the BUILD Business Club – you may have heard me mention it…

I did all the planning and had it all set out – I thought I was totally prepared. But you never quite know what’s going to happen, do you?


A bit of background

I’ve been working on this for ages. Did a course about memberships starting back in May, and still haven’t quite finished it – it’s a BIG course!

We were encouraged to publicly commit to a date when we’d launch our memberships – and I know I need external accountability so I did it in another group too.

I planned it all out and started working towards it, and then life kept getting in the way. And then ME kept getting in the way.

I kept going because I had this stated date and I was determined to stick to it.

In fact, I’d actually pushed it back by a week because we had the opportunity of a short break and my husband really needed it. And the weather was AMAZING. And actually the week later timing was better for the overall schedule of my membership, which I hadn’t quite realised at first.

So I was especially determined to stick to the week later date. And I did!


Ta-dah! Oh. Uh-oh…

I launched BUILD on 28 September and barged into people’s email inboxes all that week.

And I knew, with every email I wrote, every social media post I put out, and every live video I did – this isn’t quite what you were taught in the course is it?!

You may be aware, I moved house a few months ago. And everything needs redecorating (and more!) so I’m determined not to unpack everything only to repack to make space for decorating.

So my office is, er, pretty piecemeal. Yes, it looks neat and tidy when you watch one of my videos – that’s very deliberate! In reality, I have a tiny desk that’s only big enough for my keyboard and mouse, and some boxes stacked next to me for a kinda table with the papers that I’m working from.

This is NOT my ideal set-up. And it shows.

I’m doing the best work I can in this set-up, but I know it’s not the best work I could do, period.

Yes, I know – others are working from dining tables and the corner of the lounge and on the sofa with a laptop.

I’m not being ‘woe is me’ about this.

I’m being aware of what impact certain things have on me, so I can be better prepared for next time.

That’s the whole point of this article. Things I have learnt from launching my membership.


The lessons

So, what did I learn?

– Take imperfect action, it gives you something to learn from and improve upon.

– Know yourself and plan accordingly.

– Be kind to yourself – but for REASONS NOT EXCUSES.

– Don’t book every hour of every day, that leaves no time for the random stuff that pops up.

– When you’re doing something new and exciting, allow time to process the emotional side of it.


The cheesy bit. But it’s true!

And most importantly, I learnt that it’s the absolute best feeling in the world when you put something out there and people join you for it and show up.

It was SO AWESOME to see the faces of my lovely BUILD Business Club members on our first catch-up call. I’m so grateful for people believing in me and coming along for the ride.


Things to think about

Do you reflect on things, or just go – finished, next!

I highly recommend a period of reflection.

I’m going to leave you with some, er, mantras? Let’s call them ‘rules to live by’.

– You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it started
– The biggest mistake is being afraid to make a mistake
– Take imperfect action, then improve
– Good enough is good enough
– Learn. Do. Reflect.

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