Social Media Scheduling

If you keep meaning to post on your business social media, and more often than not you forget, scheduling’s the thing for you!

As I discussed in a recent presentation, posting good content regularly on social media is one of the best ways to build your audience. Be consistent, be helpful, be interesting, be entertaining – just make sure it suits your brand identity, your audience and your offer.

People will like and comment on good content, and that will get it sent out to more people in their news feed. Even better, people will share good content, and that grows your audience as new people who see it from a share like it and follow your page to hear more.

A few years back I ran a workshop on creating content and scheduling it, to do your social media in 90 minutes a week. Helen, who is the Dartmoor Photographer, took that course and grew her Twitter following to 5000 followers! So this stuff definitely works.

Why schedule social media content?

Quite simply, scheduling makes your life so much easier.

1) You don’t have to think of something every day, no matter if you feel inspired or not
2) You don’t have to remember to post every day (coz we never do, do we?!)
3) You can plan what’s coming up, and give people a heads-up to look out for it

How to do scheduling? How NOT to?

There’s tools you can use for scheduling, to manage all your social media platforms in one place. Things like Buffer and Hootsuite – there’s loads of them all with different particular features, some free and some really rather pricey!

They definitely make your life easier, but I do actually caution against them.

The social media platforms would prefer that you don’t use third-party scheduling tools. They platforms have their own built-in scheduling tools, and they’d much prefer you used those. They want you to stay within their platform as much as possible, so posts scheduled from the built-in tool will get priority over those published from a third-party scheduler.

Note: If you already have a big, engaged audience, that will have more impact on how much your posts get shown in people’s news feeds – so you’ll be OK to use a third-party scheduling tool if that makes your life easier. But if you have a small audience that you’re trying to grow, you need to play the game the way the social media platform wants you to.

Another reason you might prefer to use a third-party scheduling tool is if you need to post on multiple social media platforms. However, here’s another Note: As I said last week in Nail Your Online Marketing, you should be focused on the one platform where the majority of your people are. So if you’re only using one platform you just use their one built-in scheduling tool.

Again, if you have a big audience that’s pretty diverse then you absolutely need to be on more platforms – but we’re not Coca-Cola here, are we folks?!


– Focus on one platform where your ideal audience hangs out

– Learn how the in-built scheduling tool works for that platform

– Set aside a block of time in your planner every week to create all your posts and schedule them

– Post at least every other day, ideally every day

– Vary the posts, some should be helpful and interesting, others should be fun and entertaining, make some longer and some shorter, to get some more considered answers and some quick ‘answer with a gif/emoji’ responses – it’s all about getting engagement from your audience

– Share things from other accounts too, so long as they match up with your brand identity (I wouldn’t expect a security company to share ‘Which Disney Princess are you?’)

– Keep a notebook handy to jot down ideas for posts as inspiration strikes (always in the shower, right?!)

Prefer a different format? Here’s a video version

Got questions about choosing the right social media platforms, content and scheduling tools? Head over to the Small Business Support FB group and we’ll help you out.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please do give me a shout if you have any comments. Thanks.

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