Standing out in an ocean of offers

It’s Black Friday this Friday – although some people started doing Black Friday sales last week, it’s like the November sales now!

Are you doing a Black Friday offer?

We talked before about ‘should you do seasonal sales?’. If you’ve you’ve had a think about that and decided ‘yes, seasonal sales are for me’ then you’re probably thinking Black Friday’s a no-brainer, right?



Oh My God, Clair!

Yeah, I know. I say this every time, and everybody will be like ‘can you just give us a yes or no answer for crying out loud woman’ but bear with me, this is an interesting one.

It depends on how you let people know that you’re doing a Black Friday offer as one of the main reasons why it will or it won’t work for you.

If you’re going to do an advert for it, I’m not convinced that’s going to work very well for you unless you’ve got a VERY niche audience or a massive marketing budget. If you’re relying on Google search results to show it to people, nobody is going to search for ‘Black Friday offers’ and scroll through 4000 pages to find yours.

If you have people who look forward to seeing your emails every week, or they follow your social media posts, these people are genuinely interested in seeing what your offer is – so that will work a lot better for you than paying for adverts or crossing your fingers on a Google search. That’s why I bang on about using email marketing and social media quite so much, if you’ve got an existing relationship with your audience it really really does make a difference.

But you do need that existing relationship to be strong. Not just people on your email list or people who follow your social media accounts – people who read your emails, click them, reply to you, comment on your posts and share them. How many Black Friday offer emails are sitting in inboxes across the world right now? How many Black Friday posts have been scrolled past in the time it took you to read that last sentence? People who love your stuff will look out for it, and that’s what you want. That’s how you really make it work.


Apologies in advance for saying ‘thing’ 247 times…

What we love about Black Friday is, we know it’s coming. It’s a big drama everybody makes a terrible fuss about… Sorry, it’s the best sales opportunity of the year as everyone uses their last pay day before Christmas to buy presents and hope they can get a 4K TV for 200 quid from bloody Amazon.

What I’m saying is, it’s a THING.

When something is a THING, people have anticipation and excitement about it. And when people love something they want to share it, so they tell their friends ‘you need to join in because THE THING is coming up and it’s really awesome!’

I’m not just saying this off top of my head, anticipation marketing is ‘a thing’ (for want of repeating a phrase).

At the moment I am reading Launch by Jeff Walker. He’s been doing online marketing since Hotmail was invented (1996, if you’re interested), so he really knows his stuff. What I’m finding as I read Jeff’s book is a lot of it seems familiar – and I’ve realised that’s because I have been on the receiving end of a launch that works exactly how Jeff teaches people to do it.

You may have heard me mention Stu McLaren of TRIBE – he’s one of my Team To Trust (BUILD Business Club comes from his teachings). He uses Jeff Walker’s launch process to sell his course TRIBE, and one of the central ideas of the launch is having an event. It’s a THING. Once a year Stu runs free workshops (you could get started doing a membership just from the free stuff he teaches) and at the end of the free stuff he’s like ‘OK here’s where you can can buy the course’.

Among Stu’s audience (those people who read his emails and comment on his social media posts), there is expectation about this annual event. Since this summer, people have been asking ‘when is the next TRIBE launch?’ and he’s already said it’s 22nd April 2021. I could have told you it was going to be 22nd April, because I’ve done those workshops the past 3 years and it’s always around the same time (fourth Thursday of April). So it’s a fixed date in the calendar and announced ahead of time, which means people can get excited about, build anticipation, talk about it and share it. There’s no seasonal sales, Black Friday bargains or other discounts. One big event a year, that everyone in his audience looks forward to.

Interesting, huh?


OK, where do we go from here?

So maybe Black Friday is going to be the perfect thing for you, and it’ll work for your audience because they’ll be looking out for your emails and posts amongst 15 tonne of offers from perfume companies and pet stores. If so, great!

But just think about it – is there something you can create that would stand out above all that stuff? Something that your people would love, that they’ll be excited about and share it with their friends.

Here’s a thought. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a sales event. Just something that people look forward to, participate in and share. The kind of thing that will grow your audience and show people what you do and what you’re like.


It doesn’t need to be an annual extravaganza

In the Small Business Support group we don’t have Fridays any more, we have Cakeday. On Cakedays we take a bit of time to put the kettle on, get a little treat, and sit back and reflect on the week. We share our progress and the positive points of the week, and celebrate each other’s wins (big and small). Members of Small Business Support who are also in BUILD Business Club started talking about Cakeday in BUILD, so we brought it in to that as well! Turns out, not everyone is motivated by cake (weirdos), so in BUILD as well as Cakeday it’s also known as Pintday and even Furry Friends Friday for those who love a cuddle with their pets.

With events and occasions like this, what you’re doing is giving people something to identify with, something to group around, something to say ‘yeah I’m part of that thing’. People like to be part of things they feel are important, shareable and noteworthy.

What would make you stand out? What would your people love to be part of, to share?

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