Tripping over your typing? Talk!

I love writing, but sometimes I get caught up in finding the right words (and the right keys!), and I lose my train of thought.

I know what I want to say, but the words get stuck in my fingertips and don’t make it as far as the keyboard. Usually because I’m thinking faster than I can type! Never did pass that RSA course…

Talking’s so much easier, isn’t it? You’re explaining something to a colleague and your mind goes blank – ‘you know, the thing Lisa posted about last week, the program that does the images that explain things, anyway…’ – and you stumble though and carry on.

If you were typing, you’d get to that unknown word, go blank, stare at the screen, stay blank, and go and do something else instead. That blog probably wouldn’t get finished (well, that’s my experience, anyway).

So let’s use talking to do the typing!

I’ve found a fab app called Speechnotes. It’s free, and it works brilliantly. Fire it up and talk into your phone, just as if you were making a call, and the app transcribes your speech into text. Then you can save it to cloud storage or send it somewhere by email.

The newer phone you have the better it is, but overall it’s really accurate – I was very impressed from the first time I used it. It even picks up swearing! Although it transcribes them as *** which I find hilarious.

Another great thing about using this app is, if you’re out walking and inspiration strikes, you can quickly get some notes down without having to scramble around for notebook and pen, and find something to lean on. What do you mean, you don’t always have a notebook and pen with you?!

I’m not getting paid for this, promise! It just came as a bit of a revelation, and I wanted to share.

So there you go. Give it a go and let me know.