How To Overcome Your Fear of Networking


Nervous of networking? Overcome your fears at my friendly, relaxed workshop.

Learn about local networking events, practice telling people about your business, and try it out with our ‘pretend networking’ session.

No pressure, just practice!

10am – 12pm, Thursday 27 February
The Moorland Garden Hotel, Yelverton PL20 6DA


“You should do networking” they say, “it’ll be brilliant for your business.”

Oh yeah, you think. I’ll just get up super-early, put the kids in breakfast club, walk in to a room full of strangers, make small talk, try not to spill coffee down myself, stand up while they all look at me, and tell them how brilliant my business is. And not faint. Sure, yeah.

Thing is, networking can be brilliant for your business. But not if the timing doesn’t suit, or if you’re nervous of a room full of strangers (who wouldn’t be?!), or you don’t know what to say.

That’s where this event comes in. Networking practice.

Come and have a cuppa with me and some other nervous networkers. No expectations, no spotlights, no pressure.

Here’s what we’ll do.

1) I’ll take you through my top tips for overcoming your fear of networking, and I’ll tell you about the local networking events I go to, and how they work.

2) We’ll chat through that ‘tell us about yourself’ thing, just between a few of us. Remember – there’s no pressure, just practice.

3) We’ll put our practice into action, and have a go at pretend ‘proper networking’. Coffee and chatting (without spillages!), then tell us about yourself. “I’m Lisa and I’m a make-up artist” is enough. Promise.

And then you can go home and fall over. Or move through to the lounge bar and carry on chatting with your new friends. Whichever you prefer!

Sounds good? Get booking!

Not sure? FAQs below.

Really not sure? Read FAQ 5.



1) I’m really nervous of meeting new people, I can never remember their names.

That’s OK, it’s not a memory test. I’ll do name badges, so you don’t have to worry about remembering people’s names. Just remember your own, and you’ll be fine.

2) Should I bring business cards, or is that a bit salesy?

If you have them (and/or flyers), absolutely bring them. You should always have them with you, you never know who you’re going to meet. If you don’t have them, absolutely don’t worry about it. I’ll share everyone’s contact details afterwards – with your permission, of course!

3) What happens after this?

You go to a networking event! I’ll share a list of upcoming events I know, and if you like we can make plans to meet beforehand and go in together.

4) I don’t really have a business yet. Should I wait before I do networking?

Nope, there’s absolutely no need to wait. No-one will question why you’re there – everyone is welcome at the kind of events I go to. You’ll meet people who can help you set up your business, whether you need their specialist skills or just want to talk through some ideas.

5) I’m nervous about just coming to this

If you have any questions before the event – or even before you book – give me a shout.


Networking has been 100% the best thing for my business, so I’d love to share that with others. But I get that it’s a new thing, and kinda scary, and was dominated by men in grey suits with a bone-crushing handshake and a soul-crushing sales speech for years. It’s honestly not that bad. I’d love to help you give it a go.