YAY! Crowns and Happy Dances

This article is inspired by the lovely Lisa at Change Your Badge, who wears her YAY! Crown for celebrating success – and I love love love it!

I firmly believe it’s hugely important to acknowledge wins of all sizes – from ‘someone bought my thing!’ to ‘someone liked my post!’ When you’re showing up every day, working through your to-do list, doing all the things you hope are right and crossing your fingers, you need points of positivity to help you keep up your momentum.

On one of his podcast episodes, James Wedmore said ‘if you’re climbing a mountain and you only look up at how far you have to go, it can be very daunting and intimidating. Stop for a moment, turn around and look back, and you’ll be filled with gratitude, accomplishment and appreciation for how far you’ve come.’

So look back, acknowledge those points of positivity, and appreciate how far you’ve come.


I’m not just saying it…

I do this, and it really helps.

If you follow me on social media or you’re on my mailing list, you may have noticed that I’ve really upped my game recently.

It’s extra work I’m doing for good reason, building an audience so I can get to know you better and you can got to know me better. Yes, of course it’s leading to a sales pitch later in the year, but that’s a discussion for another day…

Anyway..! Building an audience is a long-term thing, so I need to make sure I keep up my motivation. What keeps people motivated? Results!

I have various ways I check how I’m doing (particularly, the social media progress chart mentioned in this article), so I can see positive progress and I know that all the extra work is totally worth it. I know it is, but I need to remind myself of that to keep up my energy and positivity about it.

I do live videos in my Small Business Support Facebook Group every week. That means, I sit and talk to my laptop, and really hope that some humans come along and post in the comments so I feel less like I’m just talking to myself! And they do. And that’s so, so awesome.

When I reply to those comments and see growth in the social media progress chart, that positive progress makes me do a little Happy Dance! Yep, at my desk. Little bit of finger dancing and a big smile. Yay! Just like Lisa puts on her YAY Crown!

An active form of acknowledgement makes it more real, it sticks in your head stronger and makes you really feel good about things.


Try it
Share it

Next time you get a win – from one new email list sign up to winning a new client – take time to note it, and really feel good about it.

And you can pass on that good feeling, by giving other people a reason for it.

Anything positive counts, so do things that you know will make people smile and do the Happy Dance at their desks.

When Patrick commented on my post that he was really looking forward to the next week’s live video, I was really chuffed. When Emily commented after one of my live videos that it was really helpful and she was going to take action right away, that was great! When 5 people joined my email list last week, that felt fantastic!

So, what can you do to make other people do the Happy Dance?

Think of 5 friends who run their own businesses, or people whose businesses you love. Each day, go to one of their social media posts and comment on it. Or share it. Or join their list. It’ll take you less than a minute to make someone happy – and it won’t cost you anything!

Make yourself a YAY! Crown, and wear it often. Celebrate wins of all sizes – ‘someone liked my post’ totally counts! – and give others reasons to celebrate too. We’re all in this together, so let’s help each other out.

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